Project Elf

Because of the generous community support we received during the 2015 holiday season, we were able to serve nearly 3,000 children and youth in need!  This year, we need YOUR help!

Each holiday season, The Christmas Box International (CBI) helps to stock Santa's sleigh for abused and neglected children, teens and young adults in our community.  Project Elf offers fun and meaningful opportunities for businesses, individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, scouts and church groups to brighten the holidays for those in need.

How Can YOU Help with Project Elf?

We serve several vulnerable populations of children, teens and young adults during the holidays. To participate in Project Elf, read how your donation can serve at-risk youth and fill out the form below if you have questions. 

MONETARY DONATIONS & GIFT CARDS -- are greatly appreciated:

Your tax deductible contributions serve our most vulnerable populations, not only during the month of December, but during all seasons of the year. Donate today.


PROJECT ELF & AREA WISH LISTS -- donate NEW needed clothing, toys, supplies and gift cards:

Items will serve children, teens and young adults through The Christmas Box Houses and Resource Rooms during the holidays and throughout the upcoming year helping us to reach an additional 2,000 in need locally and internationally. Items range in price from $5 - $50. Please check out our specific wish lists for each area to see how you can help! Unwrapped items can be delivered to us any time in December. See the wish list in your area here.

SPECIFIC GIFTS -- to serve children and teens for Christmas morning:

The cost per gift is approximately $15 - $30. Unwrapped gifts need to be delivered to us by December 6th.  Please contact us below and we will provide you with a list of these specific gifts.


NEW STOCKINGS -- filled with specific stuffers for The Salt Lake Christmas Box House:

Filled stockings need to the Salt Lake Christmas Box House by December 15. Please contact us below.

To provide specific gifts or filled stockings for Christmas morning or if you have questions, please fill out the form below or contact:

Sherri Engar in Salt Lake and Utah Valley areas at or 801-747-2201 ext. 105

Kim Nay in Weber and Davis areas at or 801-866-0350


Please fill out the form below and our staff will contact you via email. 

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